Oculore Terms and Conditions

Rules for Use

Oculore is a marketplace for convos performed by its gurus for its tyros.

The goal of Oculore is to help the world share, teach, network, and promote communication. We have created these terms and conditions as a guideline on how to use

The terms and conditions listed below manage your access to the content, features, and functinality of

If you do not agree to these conditions, do not access or use the reservation or guru management system.


Content Management

Oculore reserves the right to remove any content that is deemed inappropriate or not matching the ideals of the company.

Oculore will remove tyros, gurus, or convos specifically containing:

Inappropriate Behavior or Language

Pornographical Content


Suspicious Activity


Trademark, Patent, or Copyright Fraud

Discimination of any kind: not limited to race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, political affiliations, etc...

Illegal Activity

Any activity deemed illegal in the United States of America

Oculore reserves the right to hold, suspend, or terminate any tyro who repeatedly violates these terms and conditions.


Oculore is only available in the United States of America for now.

Unless specified, Oculore uses Eastern Standard Time(EST).

Changing Terms and Conditions

Occasionally, Oculore will update its terms and conditions. Oculore reserves the right to change these at any time.


Oculore does not give automatic refund payments for cancelled orders back to your payment provider.

Oculore has a refund request form that must be filled out competely in order to be considered for a refund.

If a refund is applied for, Oculore will evaluate the guru and the tyro.

The tyro or guru is responsible to provide proof and documentation of a problem.

Oculore reserves the right to decide whether or not to issue a refund based on these conditions.


Some convos might involve the shipping of certain goods. Oculore is not responsible for shipping costs.


For gurus who want to contact Oculore, fill out the form at For tyros who want to contact Oculore, fill out the file at For both gurus and tyros, we will typically get back to you in 24-48 business hours.


Oculore takes problems very seriously.

Oculore will not hold legal responsibility arising out of guru or tyro discontent relating to use, inability of use, the website, correlating links, or any content on, including direct or indirectly related content.

For any of the reasons listed above, or similar, Oculore holds no legal responsibility. By signing up for an account, the guru or tyro forefits the right to use legal action against Oculore.